I use the latest hybrid endodontic technique as currently taught by most post-graduate endodontic training programs - apical length and apical guaging with hand K files and followed by final shaping with Protaper Nickle-Titanium Rotary Files. Irrigation with sodium hypochlorite and EDTA includes passive ultrasonic solution agitation. Obturation is done as continuous wave warm gutta percha condensation using an Obtura II with a System B Heat System.

Using 5x power magnification, head lamp illumination and endo ultrasonic in the procedure allows me to achieve treatment of the currently published incidence of additional canals in molars, premolars and incisors --- My stats show treatment of 4 canals in approximately 80-90% of upper first molars and up to 50% of upper second molars.

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Glenn F. Schreiber D.M.D. PC Endodontics